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Why we are Manitou

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We have been a proud Manitou Forklift dealer for more than 14 years and there is one reason, because Manitou creates the best, top-of-the-line equipment world-wide, hands down.

A bold statement I know, but here is why;


Manitou has been around for more than 60 years. The very first model, the MC50 was created as many of the very first forklifts were being built. Not only the company itself, but the machines they create have grown and developed to meet changing demands. Now, Manitou has become a global powerhouse, reaching many markets and countries, trail-blazing in areas such as mining and now industry. They boast a robust world-wide

dealer network, as well as service depots and spare parts facilities. What has helped Manitou grow in so many markets? Reliability and quality from years of experience. Their attention to detail, innovations and the understanding that you must meet the individual needs of every customer. I suspect that Manitou Forklifts will be around for a long time to come.


Manitou has always been at the forefront of design, ergonomics and core standards. The science comes from experts in the field applying the latest and greatest technologies to create better products. With the recent announcement of their new electric line of industrial forklifts, they set a new standard when it comes to operator safety, environmental impact and high quality standard features. The ME range will be the Teslas of the forklift industry! From the engine under the hood to the controls, you can expect to find ground breaking design and diagnostics.


A Manitou is a sound investment. You are not only investing in a piece of equipment you can trust but in a company that makes quality a core concept. Every component is engineered from the ground up and created with durability and long lifespan in mind. Their goal is to make lift trucks and telehandlers that will reduce downtime and increase efficiency as well as set a high standard for service and parts from all dealers. They carry a plethora of attachments and options and their dealer network is impressive. This maintains ease and availability of parts and service across the world. All technicians at every dealership are highly trained, expert individuals that can quickly solve any service issues. Parts are readily available within 48 hours to guarantee a quality experience. To further ensure the quality of your material handling equipment, Manitou has an extensive warranty and extended warranty options. Forecasting, diagnostics and years of experience in every industry means that quality is assured for every piece of equipment manufactured.

I can promise you one thing, we believe in Manitou. A Manitou Masted forklift or Telehandler is a piece of equipment we can stand behind. They have brought years of expertise, tried and tested technologies, innovative designs and concepts and high quality equipment to North America. PLT has had more than 14 years of seeing happy customers using Manitou equipment and with confidence I can say that a Manitou is a purchase you will not regret. For everything that they stand for, we are Manitou.

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