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Is the Rental Option for Us?

Is the Rental Option for Us?

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There is a huge variety of lifting equipment out there, from pallet jacks to rough terrain vehicles or telehandlers, how would you determine what you need?

Renting a lift truck is a great way to find out!

Discuss your project needs with the rental company, they will assist you in figuring out what equipment options will work.  This allows you the opportunity to test the lift truck to make sure it will meet the needs of your business.

Other great reasons to rent:

  • A temporary influx in production
  • Your forklift is in the shop for a major repair
  • Seasonal business operations
  • You temporarily need a cost-effective way to get out of the ordinary work done
  • Reduction in overhead business costs
  • Lack of storage space for multiple vehicles when not in use
  • Cost stability for contract jobs

Safety is key! Be sure to let the rental company know what tasks the lift truck is required to perform; this will allow them to provide you with the correct equipment for your project.

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