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Attachments Make All the Difference!

The right attachment for your forklift improves efficiency and load handling safety across any industry. Even the most impossible jobs can be made easy with the right piece of equipment. Here at PLT, we can help you with all of your fork and attachment solutions!

We supply everything from jibs, cranes, man baskets, buckets, clamps, sideshifts and fork positioners to custom designed attachments and scales.

Big or small, there is no job we can’t help you handle!


We are proud to be your dealer for Cascade forklift forks and attachments! Cascade offers a complete line of fork and fork accessories; standard forks, lumber forks, fork extensions, custom solutions and so much more.

Every product is high quality and engineered to the highest standards. Every fork and attachment are rigorously tested to ensure that both national and international standards are met to guarantee quality and durability. Cascade also boasts the fastest lead time in the industry so you know you can get what you need when you need it.

Check below to see a selection of attachments available from our partners & fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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Our Attachment Partners

Our Attachment Partners

Forks & Attachments:

Std HookForks

Standard Forks
Lumber Forks
Stainless Steel Clad Forks
Spark Retardant Forks
Folding Forks
Shaft Forks
Bolt-On Forks
Block Forks
Gypsum Forks
Telescopic Forks
Fork Extensions

G Series BaleClamp

Bale Clamps
Drum Clamps
Fork Clamps
Paper Roll Clamps
Pulp Bale Clamps
Recycling Clamps
Bulk Box Clamps
Multi-Purpose Clamps
Carton Clamps

general purpose bucket

Telescopic Handler Buckets
Feeder Buckets
Environment Grab Bucket
Compact Utility Buckets
Standard Skidsteer Bucket
High Volume Skidsteer Snow Bucket
4-in-1 Bucket
Snow Bucket
Snow Basket

2000 studio

Snow Blades
Heavy Duty Dirt Blades

concrete skip
Concrete Skips

Concrete Skip
Crane Skip

G Series Rotator

Bin Retainer
Hydraulic Bin Retainer

Work Platforms

Expandable Platforms
Roofer Platforms
Aerial Jib
Fast Opening PLatform
Rib Handling Platform

hydraulic winch
Hydraulic Winch

Double Line Winch
Quadruple Line Winch (Heavy Duty)

Custom Attachments

Designed and engineered to meet the special requirements of your business